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When Harry is hit by yet another killing curse, he wakes up years in the past and in an alternate universe.As an unknown child in an unfamiliar world, Harry has a chance to change the outcome of the war - while dealing with new magical talents, pureblood politics and Black family drama.The idea of Pureblood Superiority did not die alongside Voldemort.The Death Eaters remained in control of the Ministry and, in the chaos following the Dark Lord's defeat, managed to free those who had been captured during the battle at Hogwarts.

"Oh dear, maybe we should stay…"Ron groaned and rolled his eyes. Everything had gone wrong; he had fulfilled the Prophecy, but lost the war.

Harry, his friends, the DA, and the Order found themselves alone in their fight against an entire society.

There was simply no way for them to win; for years they tried and failed and lost too many good people with nothing to show for it.

Everyone knew what was happening, but most either agreed with the Death Eaters' ideology or were too cowardly to speak out against it.

Only a handful of witches and wizards joined the Order in fighting back, but those who did were vilified, hunted down and even killed by the Ministry.

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Harry was well aware that it would be suicide to linger, but though he knew he had to leave, he didn't go far - only across the English Channel to France.

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