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Berkeley Seismology Lab: featured site based on the Dreamweaver template Please fill out this form to request permission to download the Dreamweaver web template from gallery.

Before building a site with this Server Side Includes template, please do the following.

Unfortunately, the default template in Dreamweaver does none of that: XHTML requires you to close non–closing (“empty”) elements including form tags, image tags, horizontal rule tags and break tags.

(For more information, see XHTML Guidelines in the NYPL Online Style Guide and W3C’s HTML Compatibility Guidelines for XHTML 1.0.) Closing these pesky elements can be one of the most time–consuming tasks in transitioning to XHTML.

First, the process of selecting em–dash, for example, takes too many steps. Second, the character sequence that Dreamweaver inserts is So if you use these characters as they are, your site will not validate.

Two quick fixes solve both problems: You can edit the the character objects themselves so that they produce Unicode character entities. Caveat: Dreamweaver will not display some Unicode character sequences in Preview mode.

Smart Webby endeavours to be your one stop for everything related to Dreamweaver Templates.

: You can easily harness Dreamweaver’s two greatest strengths, its flexibility and its user community, to make it one of the best tools on the market for producing good XHTML. XHTML documents must begin with a namespace and an XHTML Document Type Declaration (including a URI that points to an online Document Type Definition).In the current web design & development world Adobe Dreamweaver has become the top tool used globally by designers and web programmers.One of the main attractive features of Dreamweaver which has made it so popular IS?That is, each section of a web site can have its own template with variations in structure or color from the others.Let's say you want to built a web site which has 20 pages with a lot of content.

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