Double your dating cocky and funny

Playing hard to get…is like turning the tables around on women, because usually THEY play hard to get. First, there’s the biological (sexual) reason: us men can hump around all we want without any major physical consequences (except for sexually transmitted diseases off course), because WE don’t get pregnant while women do.

When women have unprotected sex they get pregnant for 9 months, which means that DURING those 9 months they’re less and less able to provide for themselves: it gets harder to move around because of their big ass belly, they lose focus because of the kicking baby, mood swings and an all devouring need for food.

It also shows her that you are NOT intimidated by her LOOKS (or presence), which 99% of the men are…and that you’re talking to her about who she IS and what she DOES instead of how she looks (like the vast majority of men do)…and these ALL create massive quantities of ATTRACTION.

But guess what happens when you turn things around and are being selective by making fun of her and her ways, when you’re playing hard to get, and are being indifferent towards her attempts to get closer to you?Me (to a shorter than average woman): “I like shorties, so how tall are you…about 1,40? ” Me: “I wasn’t going to say anything, but you took the words right out of my mouth honey! Everyday life is BORING to us: obligations, daily routines…most of us never get to go somewhere interesting, meet someone interesting or DO something interesting, and we CRAVE for an escape, something that will make us feel ALIVE.” (meters) Me (online to a girl who looks really young): “I saw on your profile that you’re 25, but tell me.. And when you’re exggerating, you’re being outrageous: out of the ordinary, exciting, someone interesting..which will make YOU become HER escape out of mindnumbing boredom…I promise to keep it a secret…how old are you REALLY with that babyface of yours? Clue #1: being Cocky And Funny is showing you have a sense of humor, that you’re a sexual creature and that you’re FAR from the boring, lame and predictable men who talk about their work all day…nope, you’re EXCITING, the things you DO with her become exciting (both mentally and sexually), and you take her to exciting places because you MAKE them exciting.Because of it, you’ll become the one guy in her life who actually makes her FEEL alive, FEEL sexual, and provides her with an escape from total boredom.

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