Dell validating devices domain

In this blog I show you step-by-step how to configure Windows Auto Pilot and how to add existing devices the quickest way with my personal best practices.I will configure Windows Auto Pilot in combination with Microsoft Intune for the MDM part.

I always add an additional local administrator (in this case the “localadmin” user).This does not only mean that they want a single tool with which they can manage all type of devices (like i OS, Android and Windows), but also a new way of managing their Windows 10 devices.With this new way of management the end user and the administrator are more flexible.Go to Azure Active Directory and open the Devices page Open the Device settings page.On this page you can configure which user and in what way can Azure AD Join a Windows 10 device.

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Personally, I limit this always to members of a security group. In this way, only users that have the correct licenses will be able to join their device to Azure AD with auto enrollment in Microsoft Intune (see following steps below).

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