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So, if you have deal breakers, share them right out of the gate.

[Read: 25 most common and biggest deal breakers for women]#12 Bring what you’ve learned, not what you’ve felt.

Show-off your best assets, feel good in your outfit, and project who you are, not who you wish you were or who you think he wants you to be. I usually pick a dating app that requires the girl to message first.

[Read: How to calm the stage of first date anxiety]#8 Have a go-to line. I find it is a lot less creepy than the alternative.

If you don’t hook someone quick, there is no catch.

And for women, it is even more difficult than that.

Online dating is this entire world of confusion, fear, excitement, and unfortunately, dick pics.

But, with some help, you can smoothly navigate that bumpy terrain without much turbulence.

[Read: Why online dating isn’t for everyone]On top of that, we also have more pressing fears to worry about. Is this person really Jake, 28, from NYC with a dog named Pogo?With all the options right at your fingertips, you may keep swiping and scrolling until you find someone that ticks all your boxes. You will not find a guy that is your prince charming.I am not telling you to settle for less than you deserve, but be realistic.Or is it Kevin aged 56 who lives in his mom’s basement with a puppet named Alf?Without the help of an accurate psychic, you will never know exactly what to expect from online dating.

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