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My friends told me he was likely just busy and not to stress about it.But for me, I could sense the change and I interpreted this behavior as sudden disinterest.

Yet, I know that if I give him the attention he wants, he will soon start to pull away again. With anxious attachment, the authors note that “even a slight hint that something may be wrong will activate your attachment system, and once it’s activated, you are unable to calm down until you get a clear indication from your partner that he or she is truly there for you and that the relationship is safe.” So back when I was used to my boyfriend texting me several times a day every day and then one day he didn’t text me at all until p.m., I was on edge and feeling rejected.I have been separated and divorced for two years now, which has allowed me to have a decent number of dating and relationship experiences.In a few cases I found myself dating someone that either called me needy or described my behavior in a way that I would interpret as needy.It has often meant that he was growing tired of me and didn’t like all the attention I was giving to him (or all the attention I was expecting him).The guy I dated briefly this month gave me a gift that served as a huge aha! I could never repay him enough for this enlightenment he brought into my life about relationships.

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