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I did build up a lot of debts, due to my visits to Djerba and the fact that I supported him.He was in his chair in front of the television all day, at night he was occupied with the computer.Soon afterwards I decided to return to Djerba for a few day in November.He arranges a small house for the two of us, where we did spent nearly all our time.There was no love left, no respect, no affection, no sex, just NOTHING. When I told him to go and look for a job, his answer was that he could not find a job, because he had no diplomas.I decided to file a complaint against him for a sham marriage. In June 2008 the letter from the Belgium government came, my husband had 1 month to leave the country.The first night he came in Belgium, in “our love nest”, he fell asleep at 21.00 in his seat. A lot of things he did and did not do, gave me a clear view on my situation.Everything was normal for him, I was working day and night.

At the moment itself, you still believe everything is normal, I even tried to find excuses for the fact he fell asleep.When it comes to our wedding presents (in Tunisia that means money) I never saw one dinar.Our wedding night was one big disappointment, as I was changing in the bathroom, he fell asleep.From that moment onwards, the run for papers started, so we got married in March on Djerba, according to the local traditions, a henna night, different dresses, a wedding with all the trimmings.Of course I financed all this, including his clothes.

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Every time I was in Djerba, the strangest things happened, which I couldn’t see clearly.

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