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Never doubting her ability, she keeps telling herself that if her desire to realize her dreams is strong enough, they will come true.

In the middle of the winter, this strong-willed 26-year-old moves to Tokyo from the snowy countryside.

Miroku has lots of connections and is a very good fighter. Kikumasamune Seishiro (Yokoyuma Yu) is the rich son of a large hospital. Kenbishi Yuri (Minami) is the rich daughter of a world-renowned president of the Kenbishi Business. She's also a good fighter, but can never beat Seishiro. * Ep 03: Kiss and Contact * Ep 04: Taking Shelter from Rain, Heart Throbbing * Ep 05: Hold Me Tight * Ep 06: Sudden Confession * Ep 07: True Feelings Realized by a Kiss * Ep 08: The Morning we couldn't Return From * Ep 09: Words Unsaid * Ep 10: I Won't Let You Go * Ep 11: I Have Always Loved You Episode Ratings * Ep 1: 22.5% * Ep 2: 17.4% * Ep 3: 15.8% * Ep 4: 16.5% * Ep 5: 14.9% * Ep 6: 15.6% * Ep 7: 15.7% * Ep 8: 17.5% * Ep 9: 15.3% * Ep10: 16.8% * Ep11: 17.8% [CODE] Golden Bowl Details * Title: ゴールデンボウル * Title (English): Golden Bowl * Format: Renzoku * Genre: Sports, romance * Episodes: 11 * Viewership rating: 12.5 * Broadcast network: NTV * Broadcast period: 2002-Apr-01 to 2002-Jul-06 * Air time: Saturday * Theme song: "You Are My Destiny" by Paul Anka Synopsis Focus, concentration, proper posture and good release are the hallmarks of a good bowler. A bit rundown and small but no worse for wear, the Golden Bowl is stockbroker Shu Akutagawa's favorite haunt.

d=M4YCCQ5W Credit: [email protected][/CODE] *IDWS* [CODE] t=13085 credit: [email protected][/CODE] Yukan Club [ MU / RS / IDWS ] ~ Words from JDFB ~ *Details* [INDENT] * Title: 有閑倶楽部 * Title (romaji): Yukan Club * Also known as: Leisure Club * Format: Renzoku * Genre: School comedy * Episodes: 10 * Viewership ratings: 12.63 * Broadcast network: NTV * Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-16 to 2007-Dec-18 * Air time: Tuesday * Theme song: Keep The Faith by KAT-TUN [/INDENT] *Synopsis* Shochikubai Miroku (Akanishi Jin) is the son of a police commissioner (father) and also a traveller (mother). Bido Granmarie (Taguchi Junnosuke) is the son of a Swedish ambassador. Granmarie can't see himself going steady because he thinks the world can't handle it. They are already adults but still have some way to go when it comes to putting their foot on the ground. Source: Dorama World Cast * Tsumabuki Satoshi as Serizawa Riichi * Fukatsu Eri as Makino Isaki * Hirosue Ryoko as Koike Mino * Fujiki Naohito as Serizawa Eisuke * Koizumi Kotaro as Yuta * Kobayashi Mao as Ayumi * Tanaka Kei as Kohei * Ebihara Yuri as Yukie * Nishino Akihiro as Kida * Nukumizu Youichi as Ichisaki * Asano Kazuyuki as Onada * Takahata Atsuko Makino's mother * Hotaru Yukijiro as the TV Factory President * Maki Kurodo as Kaji * Ikeda Kaori as Ogura Sanae * Katsumura Masanobu as Masayuki (ep1) * Asaka Yuki (ep1) * Takaoka Sousuke as Akira (ep6) * Iwamatsu Ryo as Kusakabe (ep7) * Nakajou Tomoaya (ep10, 11) * Kawata Nozomi Production Credits * Screenwriter: Etou Rin * Producer: Takai Ichiro, Shikanai Tsugi * Director: Nagayama Kozo, Hirano Shin, Narita Takeshi Episode Titles * Ep 01: Summer Love Begins * Ep 02: Inadvertent Date!

Premium status costs .95 for one month, .95 per month for a three-month subscription, or .99 per month for a full year.e Harmony uses a more advanced system to match people based on a large number of questions you answer when you sign up.

Morinaga Kenta is an up-and-coming variety program scenario writer.

What is waiting for her in Tokyo though, is something altogether different.

Afraid to face each other directly, instead of focusing on feelings, they choose to focus on their positions, meeting each other, falling in love!?

They have their careers but they are both failures in love.

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