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The social media suggests to join the entire communities of the people who are involved in the same case.In addition, it gives a user the ability to serve the community and be useful with your particular skills and talents. So many people have found their true love within Internet! Just take the advantages of this feature and try your fate!If you want to feel comfortable and happy, make sure that you are in a good company.And this is possible within our social media “Myspace” being operating since 2007.Here there are a lot of videos and photos on any topic.You can enjoy new musical works of any genres performed by well-known musicians and beginners.By applying the technique to his oldest rock, Holmes proposed that the Earth was at least 1.6 billion years old.In a report of his findings published in 1913 in the journal , Holmes expressed the less-than-ecstatic reception his findings received: "The geologist who ten years ago was embarrassed by the shortness of time allowed to him for the evolution of the Earth’s crust , is still more embarrassed with the superabundance with which he is now confronted." The Earth's age continued to be hotly debated for decades afterward.

There are no restrictions as to activity status, religious beliefs and views.

• The mustaches: “It’s my tribute to Jim Croce,” says lead singer Brandon Flowers.

“I told my wife I need to drink as much wine and smoke as many cigars as possible.” • Go the whole nine yards.

From the fragments, scientists calculated the relative abundances of elements that formed as radioactive uranium decayed over billions of years."It was not until the 1950s that the age of the universe was finally revised and put safely beyond the age of the Earth, which had at last reached its true age of 4.56 billion years," Lewis said.

“I grew up in a country town with mainly guys, like six guys to one girl.

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Our planet was pegged at a youthful few thousand years old by Bible readers (by counting all the "begats" since Adam) as late as the end of the 19th century, with physicist Lord Kelvin providing another nascent estimate of 100 million years.

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