Dating marriage customs brazil

In a Brazilian wedding, the bride and the groom do not spend time together a few days before the celebration itself because it is considered a bad omen if they do.

The groom should also arrive first at the wedding ceremony followed later by the bride.

All the guests then dance and throw cash around it.

The Brazil wedding tradition is performed to wish the couple financial prosperity.

One of these girls scatters flower petals while the other one is the ring bearer.

The clergy blesses the engraved wedding rings and then the couple exchanges their vows.

Meanwhile, the bride engages in a heel and toe dance, where she puts her gold heels on the dance floor.

This is because plea to their wedding ceremonies the engaged wears their actual wedding ring to their right hand.

When it then comes to the ‘D-day’ they exchange their ring from their right hands to their left hands to symbolize that they have changed from being engaged to being officially married.

The couple chooses the bridesmaids and the groomsmen months before the wedding.

The bridesmaid and groomsmen are referred to as Madrinhas and Padrinhos respectively.

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The marriage is publicly symbolized by a kiss declaring the couple newlyweds.

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