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In 2015, it launched the project ‘Women for Growth’ with the support of the International Labour Organisation, which aims to increase the number of women entrepreneurs generating jobs and contributing to the growth of Algeria.

Website: [email protected]: 213661486939 Address: Villa 241 BOUCHAOUI 316107 CHERAGA, Alger Website: Email: [email protected] Tel: 213 (0) 21 44 99 46 Address: Route nationale n° 01 Les Vergers, Bp 31 Birkhadem Alger Description: AME brings together leading Algerian women from Sarl, Spa, Snc or Eurl companies.

Email: [email protected]: 213 772 26 41 61/ 213 776 23 89 62 Address: Rue Monge, Miramar – Oran Description: The CGEA is an independent employers' organisation which brings together most of the private wealth-creating companies of Algeria.

It is recognised as a privileged interlocutor of the Government and its social partners.

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Website: https:// Email: [email protected]: 213661532440 Address: Tour Sidi Yahia A 29 Bir Mourad Rais, N/A16000, Algeria Email: [email protected]: 213 21 293 802 Description: Founded in 1995, FARD works towards equality before the law and supports women through training, education and awareness.

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Website: https:// Email: [email protected] Description: The Arab Council of Businesswomen is an economic association under the auspices of the League of Arab States.

Its membership is made up of businesswomen associations, bodies, associations and companies in Arab countries.

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