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I never have friends who are boys and I like serious boys. I want to make friendship with boys who will go out with me .I am pretty and will not disappoint any boy talking to me. Now to find a partner and earn money at the same time.The wise ones say that common sense is not so common, but you can read between the lines, and the learn good ways to make a woman love you..1) Dress to Kill - all the time: No I don't intend that You wear that 00 suit to the grocers or the Rolex to walk the dog. Some of the best relationships were forged during chance encounters at the bus stop.2) Keep it Adrenaline Charged - Men talk facts: stock figures, bill payments, and boring engine specs. They delight in FEELINGS TALK: how the new dress takes them to 7th heaven, how that special meal got them all giddy with ecstasy, how their shopping expedition drains their deepest problems away. Pick out emotionally charged subjects and ask her how she especially relates to them. 3) Visual Caress - Get your eyes do some facial travelling as you chat. These are unusual words of phrases that she utters. Ethnologists have a term for it, the copulatory gaze. I can provide other college girls mobile numbers as well.

If you dress with flash only at the bar or the party, you're missing out on 94% of eligible women. You will naturally thrill her with the attention as she experiences the tendrils of growing attraction. You can get more money, a call for donations to charity.The cause may be funny or serious, depending on your needs.I also treat boys well and have some experience in being around them contact me to meet and we can hang out. Contact and enjoy Im Safina from Lahore and I study in college.I am 18 years old and I want to friendship with boys. I am Samiha form model town lahore, and I study at FC college.

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) and I found a blogspot which was talking about girls I looked it and I watch information of Girls, Believe me guys that admin showed girls names, girls pics, girls facebook address, girls age and their country / city / location also.

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