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However, in a legal separation, the couple remains married, and should they decide not to divorce, it is not a difficult process to withdraw the separation.

A separation agreement would include the same kinds of terms that would be dealt with if the couple were getting a divorce.

If you ultimately decide to follow through and get a divorce, the judge will generally keep the same terms since they were agreeable to both parties.

Keep this in mind when you or your lawyer is negotiating a settlement agreement.

They may use a trial separation to work toward reconciliation, or decide to live in separate places.

In these cases, legal rights and obligations regarding children, property and debts remain the same as they would in marriage.

In most states, it includes a formal, legally-binding agreement where the couple has worked out the same terms they would deal with if they were getting a divorce.Their marital property would be divided, and child custody and visitation, if applicable would be worked out.The couple would also work out an arrangement for splitting any debts they incurred during the marriage.You cannot legally separate if you don't live in a state that recognizes legal separation.If you don't live in one of the following states, you will have to get divorced in order to work out a legally binding way to divide assets, share custody, etc.

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Typically, these terms are binding should the couple get divorced.

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