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In 2005, Info World reported that a tour of Microsoft's network operations center "showed pretty much beyond a reasonable doubt that Microsoft does run its 20,000-plus node, international network on 99 percent Windows technology, including servers, workstations, and edge security".

incident made Microsoft build more robust features into Microsoft Exchange Server to avoid lost and duplicate emails and network and server down-time, although dogfooding is rarely so dramatic.

It’s a super-valuable Valentine’s present for you, and I know it can help you get the results you want with women!

Nationally, every organization has a known stereotype. However, the stereotypes vary depending on what institution you’re at.

The process can lead to a loss of productivity and demoralisation, Thus, I came to the conclusion that the designer of a new system must not only be the implementor and the first large-scale user; the designer should also write the first user manual.

The separation of any of these four components would have hurt Te X significantly.

We were always upgrading from a beta, not from production disk to production disk." Dogfooding may happen too early to be viable, and those forced to use the products may assume that someone else has reported the problem or they may get used to applying workarounds.

Dogfooding may be unrealistic, as customers will always have a choice of different companies' products to use together, and the product may not be used as intended.

The practice enables proactive resolution of potential inconsistency and dependency issues, especially when several developers or teams work on the same product.

are irrelevant." In this sense, a corporate culture of not supporting the competitor is not the same as a philosophy of "eating your own dog food".

The latter focuses on the functional aspects of the company's own product.

Another possible origin he remembers is from the president of Kal Kan Pet Food, who was said to eat a can of his dog food at shareholders' meetings.

In 1988, Microsoft manager Paul Maritz sent Brian Valentine, test manager for Microsoft LAN Manager, an email titled "Eating our own Dogfood", challenging him to increase internal usage of the company's product.

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