Dating a millionaire tips

The male clients hire me to weed out the garbage and find them a compatible match.Most people outsource everything else in their lives to experts, so why leave the most important part of your personal life to chance? Literally thousands of people all around you have tried and been successful dating online and are really glad they gave it a try!It's 10 times more convenient than any other dating sites.

When people talk about millionaires, many may think about the lavish lifestyle, luxurious vacations and designer clothes.

Clampitt: VIP Life male clients tend to range from late 20’s to mid 50’s, with varied occupations including CEOs, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, finance professionals, entertainment executives, doctors, lawyers, among others.

Clients are often very busy and are ready to outsource their love life.

But a happy and long lasting relationship requires more than money.

So how do millionaires make the most important decisions in their personal lives?

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