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Read more As owner-operator, my main responsibility is purchasing inventory and making sure that employees and customers are treated like a family.

Read more I was actually assisting a friend on a car search when I noted the 2015 Volvo V60 D' Acquisto's had on their lot.

“If the great violin makers were alive today they’d be the innovators-they’d be trying new things. It’s a mistake and it’s working.'” To this end, D’Aquisto was always pushing the envelope.

The trouble is that nobody looks forward, they’re always looking backwards. In the mid-’60s he began routing out acoustic tone chambers from solid pieces of maple, then sealed them with a carved spruce top for an instrument that looked and felt like a solid body, but sounded like an amplified acoustic archtop.

Following the elder D’Angelico’s death, Jimmy D’Aquisto was defined by that tradition and extended it-a source of both great pride and frustration for this bold, gifted artisan.

So they’ll even make the same mistakes that Stradivarius made. And by the end of his life, with the Solo, Avant Garde and Centura models, D’Aquisto zeroed in on a more personal sound, feel and aesthetic, replacing those obtrusive plastic pickguards with a sleek ebony finger-rest, experimenting with height-adjustable ebony tailpieces and larger bridges in an attempt to fine-tune the down tension of the instrument’s top and voice through external adjustments.

“Instruments back then were not designed to be played the way that you’re playing today,” said D’Aquisto. An archtop guitar was made to have a penetration and a cutting power that would project.

Frank gave us a great deal on the price, and both Jeff and Lennie were terrific to work with.

We have every confidence in this purchase, and in the support and service from D' Acquisto Motors.

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