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It is even said that Fidel Castro himself was the target of hundreds of unsuccessful assassination attempts.

It is known that the Cuban intelligence community recruits promising college students, especially from social science programs.

For instance, it supported several Marxist insurgencies in Central and South America during the Cold War.

It has also managed to infiltrate US national security agencies and Cuban American political groups hostile to Havana’s socialist regime.

The Cuban Intelligence Directorate – known as G2 – was initially trained by the Soviet KGB and the Stasi, the East German Ministry of State Security, the strongest intelligence agencies of the Socialist bloc during the Cold War.

Moreover, the resilience that has played a key role in the survival of the Cuban communist regime for six decades can be at least partially attributed to its intelligence services’ abilities to monitor internal dissent, consolidate political rule, and keep at bay external rivals.

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In short, despite Cuba’s structural limitations – including its precarious economy – the country’s intelligence services represent a big asset in terms of power projection.

The most pressing concern for Havana was that its energy security – which until then had been covered by Moscow under favourable conditions – was now at stake.

A “special period” of severe budgetary restrictions had to be applied.

Both were ultimately neutralized by Venezuelan armed forces.

These incidents surely must have shaped the perception of Venezuelan generals, admirals, and senior intelligence cadres: the Cuban government was acting as a direct threat to Venezuela’s national security.

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