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In "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", he is later grossly disfigured by Morty.

He chose to help Summer save her family from being sacrificed by the rest of the Head worshippers.

Upon hearing that Ethan had dumped Summer, Morty confronted Ethan on his camping trip with Tricia.

Morty deduced from his conversation with Beth the exact whereabouts of Summer, which turned out to be Camp Flabanabba.

The episode's post-credits sequence indicated that a second Anatomy Park is being constructed inside of him.

After it is decided that Pirates of the Pancreas attraction he highly favored is not being rebuilt, Rick became furious and hung up on his associates, causing Ethan to question Rick about his payment.

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Ethan's relationship with Summer began at an unknown time before his debut in "Anatomy Park", where their secret relationship is revealed to her family when he confronts her about not responding to his text messages.

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