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Actually, Program Management is the ongoing process of managing multiple projects at the same time.

So Project management is a subset of Program Management.

All key stakeholders need to gain knowledge about the project plan and planning processes.

This enables them to be in a position of reviewing and approving the documents pertaining to them.

It serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project.

Baselines Also referred to as performance measures (as the overall performance of any given project is measured against them).

Hence, Planning Stakeholder engagement finds its way to project success.

Project Planning Components Project Charter A formal document, which outlines the purpose and objectives to carry out the project.

Coordinated to perfection, transparent, schedule specific and accurate, a well-developed project plan will go a long way in making your project reach its completion in good time.But the people who are practicing, Project management principles, often encounter these two terms.In some organizations, these two terms are used interchangeably.Thus, it is a visionary document and tells about ‘what’ part of project.On the contrary, Project Management Plan is more detailed document and deals with ‘how’ part of the project.

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Rather Project is temporary and specific transient endeavour to achieve planned objectives.

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