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Back in 1999, I was working at a very large law firm in downtown Cincinnati that specialized in representing mortgage companies where borrowers had filed bankruptcy or fallen into foreclosure.I was in the accounting department for the first year, and was responsible for providing payoff and reinstatement figures to borrowers, their attorneys or their prospective new lenders.Marry Me started talking about moving in with him and becoming a family with him and his daughter. I finally convinced her that before she kept making plans, she ought to meet Nice Try first.I also thought that she shouldn’t go alone (especially since she didn’t have the best track record with men).I made some long-term friends who I am still in contact with now. One person that I became close with, whom I will nickname Marry Me, was a very pretty young woman with DDD breasts (she didn’t want to lose weight because they would deflate) who did a lot of partying. Marry Me would spend a night or a day with a guy, and either he wouldn’t leave her place or she wouldn’t leave his, and within a week and a half she was convinced she was in love and they were going to get married.Oh, and if you didn’t know it already, attorneys know how to PARTY. At about the two week mark the guys would dump her and she would be a wreck, and she missed many days because she would call in sick after a breakup.

He sounded like he was choking and gagging all night and none of us got restful sleep.He was older than us by a good 15 years, but she still felt very connected with him.Unfortunately, he was living in Cleveland, which is a four-hour drive from Cincinnati.There was another woman in our group who was friends with Nice Try and The Greek and she slept in his bed with him – she was 90 lbs.tops and didn’t take up much room, but by the next morning, we were all sorry for her.

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