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You need to put your faith into the Lord and be assured you'll find the woman in store for you but all this is covered in detail in this magnificent e Book which I highly recommend anyone who is remotely Christian.

It took months of work to go through all of the information I had gathered over the years.

Where else would I share such a wide array of intimate moments with one person?

After all of this research, effort and money, I started to think........I'm this frustrated with what's being offered as dating and relationship advice -- how frustrated must all the other Christian guys be with the lack of available advice around?Hours were spent sifting through thousands of pages of notes, re-reading books, and recalling priceless conversations I had over the years with other Christian guys.Continuous testing took place, as I carefully observed the results of the techniques that now make up this exclusive manual.His eyes shot back up and looked directly at us as he simply said, "Forgive quickly." I had enough self-awareness on that day to know this would not come easily to me.If there were ever a place where I would feel justified to harbor bitterness and keep a tab on the ways I had been wronged, it would be within marriage. It requires a level of vulnerability that opens the door for deep hurt; and letting go of those wounds was going to require more change than I would like to submit to.

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Or, do you just sit back and let things happen......never really seeing the results that you want? Think for a minute of how just learning about these things would change your life.

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