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); Selden Standard has charming flowery murals and delicious food; The Rattle Snake Club overlooks the river while offering steak and seafood fare; Campus Martius has a bar right on their “urban beach.” There are so many options! The incredibly regal-feeling Schvitz has been open since 1930 and offers ancient heat therapies, holistic healing, and food.

You just had a beer while sinking your toes in the sand of the “urban beach,” and you’re ready for a way to cap off the evening. It all makes for a restorative excursion, even with the hot sun waiting for you outside.

Casinos, strip clubs, great restaurants, and the calmest border agents you’ve ever met (at least going into Canada) are all enough to induce unrivaled levels of passion.

Dinner and a movie used to be the quintessential date night.

But since it’s summer, the full romantic potential of Belle Isle is at your tender command.You used to make those cross-border trips to Windsor on a whim with your friends when you were just 19 and itching to order a drink.Those days are long gone, but now that your tastes have become refined, you and your SO can explore all the cultural charms that Ontario has to offer.The ever-popular River Walk is more than sufficient for your dating needs, complete with luscious green parks, a merry-go-round, and a charmingly small lighthouse.One path off the River Walk also leads to the Dequindre Cut, a greenway that follows the path of an old railroad track all the way to Eastern Market.

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