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So, they came up with an idea: They decided to create Muchacha, a digital network and community that unites women working in the Chilean music industry.The group put out a call over social media and watched as responses flooded in.

The group includes musicians, sound engineers, concert photographers, producers, writers, PR mavens, promoters, and pretty much any other job one can think of in music.

It’s difficult to explore nightlife is cities that are both prosperous and large because everything is so segmented.

There’s the weird house clubs, and there’s the expensive lounges, and there’s the area where the grunge kids go.

Several men were wearing Abercrombie & Fitch shirts, which should tell you all you need to know about that brand, but disappointingly no gay guy approached me beyond some deep stares. We then went into a heterosexual house club called La Feria nearby but I think it had only four more girls than the gay club.

I don’t know what makes a large gay scene but I imagine Santiago has it because this club was packed. The rule so far in South America is that the clubs have hotter girls than what you see on the streets (somewhat opposite of the States), but that turned out to be not true in Santiago.

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