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Read Full Review i was bored and fed up with life so googled chatrooms and came upon chat buddy.

It has been good for me made loads real good friends who have great fun and some real good chats with.

It is rare to see genuine people in a chat room these days but chat buddy seems to attract genuine chatters.

The overall layout of the site is very simple to use and navigation being easy. Read Full Review Written on: 24/06/2015 The website has been fine when I have gone there. Written on: 24/06/2015 I don't know what it was like 2 years ago but it seems to be good fun now!

Therefore physical contact may in some cases not be possible.

Many members found sex, love and friendship on here!

is the most exciting and sexy hangout on the internet.

I so glad to have found it as feel my life,confidence and me in general is better as result of it…

I would highly recommend the chat room no matter what age you are and it's good that… I am Portuguese and I visited Chat Buddy to meet British people, Almost all of them I meet in the service are unactive, lazy and such trash. The idea isn't entirely new but I've never seen any site done as well as this one.

The old chat room is still there which is great for people like me that love chatting online. Final ban by co-ordinator \'Miss (something) who, prior to the ban asked:\'How would you like it if I r.p.d(sexuaççy violated) you while you were sleeping\'.

brilliant quiz nights and funny stuff going off on cams all the time. Read Full Review Thank GOD you are back open CHAT BUDDY!

I have missed you XXX Chat Buddy is an amazing website. Great for cams and mic, you can send private messages too…

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I can access using a mobile and my tablet which is good. I met my man there, he's so dumb and he does everything I say. Maybe you went on a bad day :) I will suggest trying the chat room out in the evenings, that is when everyone is home in the UK and people tend to enter the chat room. Just wish I had found the site 2 years ago by the sounds of things it was good.

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