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A browser instance can be a standard web browser client, or a browser object embedded in a software product such as the browser within Win Amp, an RSS reader, or an email client.The code itself is usually written in HTML/Java Script, but may also extend to VBScript, Active X, Java, Flash, or any other browser-supported technology.They can be installed by using the Run Script command but are run by assigning a shortcut in the Customize UI menu.

Cross-site Scripting attacks essentially compromise the trust relationship between a user and the web site.Non-persistent attacks and DOM-based attacks require a user to either visit a specially crafted link laced with malicious code, or visit a malicious web page containing a web form, which when posted to the vulnerable site, will mount the attack.Using a malicious form will oftentimes take place when the vulnerable resource only accepts HTTP POST requests.The unsuspecting user is not required to interact with any additional site/link ( attacker site or a malicious link sent via email), just simply view the web page containing the code.

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