Can updating bios cause problems

But I can see the battery status (which before was saying "plugged in and charging" with a red X mark on it) now said "0% available, plugged in and charging".Leave my computer like that for some times, and the laptop battery was fully charged. How can with just an update, it fix a problem with battery that I think only external fix (like open up the laptop and fix the wires) or changing the battery will help?You might be able to fix it by resetting your bios.There are a couple ways to clear the BIOS or CMOS as it may be labeled on your motherboard.Updating the BIOS from an alternate boot device should not be a problem.Key words: "Should not."Most modern BIOS updates are incremental changes that don't present new abstractions to the OS, and therefore shouldn't be expected to cause any great re-enumeration of devices.

One of the most obvious signs of a corrupted BIOS is the absence of the POST screen.

Sometimes, the BIOS can get corrupted and prevent your PC from booting or functioning properly. The BIOS itself is just a simple program loaded on a memory chip on the motherboard and, like every program, it can be modified.

Any improper modification to the system BIOS can corrupt it.

Also, use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device to prevent the interruption of the BIOS update process due to a power failure.

The BIOS' only purpose is to initialize the hardware, unlike the hardware drivers that affect the overall performance of the devices, so the BIOS doesn’t need updating as often as drivers do.

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