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The mini gallery wall above his dresser has a few decor pieces I have bought through the years, a basket for his sports cards, the framed shirt that we used to announce his gender, and two new additions.

Greater Skies allowed me to create a map of what the stars looked like on any day I choose.

I knew from that moment that I wanted to do the same.

It took some patience to find the right set of lockers, but then I found these beauties for on Facebook Marketplace.

We were gifted this dinosaur wall clock from Trend Lab.

It is just as wonderfully made as the similar one we received for Lily’s room.

Then I found items that matched all of his interests.

Now I can swap them out over time and as his interests change – though I don’t foresee him being over dinosaurs anytime soon.

Keeping with the theme of part 3, I’m going to stay upstairs and show you our little guy’s room. In the few months prior to moving here, I had just switched Camden’s room with the craft room (which was our fourth bedroom).

The last space in his room is the wall across from the bed.

It isn’t a large space due to the bedroom door on the left and the closet door on the right.

They were in perfect condition, clean, and ready to use.

The woman selling them had also used them in her own boy’s room!

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Bought some fun new pieces and updated his room a bit. Now that he’s settled into his new room, it’s finally time to share.

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