Black dating plight woman

When dating, the plight of the black woman is like no other.

Black women were the only race of women to rate black men positively.

Some black women would argue that their fellow sisters need to go outside their race to date and open up the possibilities. I want to make one thing clear before it’s said, these numbers don’t apply to everyone. However, the numbers are telling about what some black men feel about their own women.

And if I was a man of another culture, and I was looking at these numbers?

I’d think to myself, “If the black guys don’t want their own women, why would I? ” Not that anything is truly wrong, however, perception is a reality for most people.

Consequently, when you have a percentage of your own men that do not find you attractive (personality, attitude, character) it leaves you starting the dating process at a deficit. A man will love your physique, but the rest of you isn’t desirable to them.

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