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(*as long as it’s consensual, but come on, do I really have to specify that?) Some women do report stronger orgasms as a direct result of anal sex.Recently I came across an article posted on the Urban Dater written by a woman who just doesn’t believe women can actually enjoy anal sex.She even insinuates that articles written in praise of the amazing orgasms women can sometimes experience from anal penetration may actually be written by men propagating a falsehood in the hopes of encouraging more women to spread their cheeks for the dicks of men everywhere.Another complaint the original Urban Dater author had was that many guys subscribe to a double-standard regarding anal penetration.

Personally I think most women are big girls who are capable of making decisions about the kinds of sex they do and do not want to have, and I trust every consenting adult to act in their own best interest.I’m not sure anal sex will ever feel let’s say “soothing” to me in the way that cunnilingus does, but it is the pain, the sacrifice and the extremism of it that turns me on. Don’t judge.) The idea that only men are sexual thrill-seekers while women are tasked with the duty of either fending off or reluctantly indulging their porn-like preferences is just wrong and unfair.Plenty of women also enjoy the psychological thrill of sex that is different.Finally there are women who may enjoy anal sex because they enjoy pleasing their partners.(As a service-oriented submissive, I fall into this category, too.) And newsflash: It’s totally OK to enjoy something because you enjoy pleasing the person you’re with.

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