Aspx designer cs file not updating

Note that there ‘s also a Stop command to end your applicatio’s execution, and commands to build individual projects or solutions without running them. The designer partial class contains code that’s autogenerated by Mono Develop.

We’re developing this application with Code Behind, because it’s a cleaner development model than writing your C# code in the file. If you take a look in it you’ll see that during the compile, Mono Develop added members for the button and label that we added to the file.

I right-click on the dbml file in Solution Explorer and selected “Run Custom Tool” (for those unfamiliar with the Visual Studio custom tool model this is essentially an external executable that is called to automatically create or modify files in your solution – in this case create the .file).

This time I at least got an error message: Error: The custom tool ‘MSLinq To SQLGenerator’ failed.

With MVC, one thing I always wondered is why we still had to have the code behind files. Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=31BF3856AD364E35″ page Base Type=”System.

Looking at the Fubu MVC samples, everything looks much cleaner without the additional files – with RC1, code-behind files are no longer required!

Edit the file, and between the web server, and after a short delay loads it up in your default web browser.

I googled and found an amazing answer by Marc Gravell at this stackoverflow question.

Open the file, and add an on Click attribute to your button. Note that we can access the output Label control because Mono Develop defined it in the class, and due to this, Mono Develop is able to provide code completion.

This specifies the name of a method that will be run when the button is clicked. Run the page, and clicking the button will now produce some feedback, by updating the label with the number of times you’ve clicked it.

I was getting 10-15 compile errors – since I was just adding a field I shouldn’t have seen any.

Thinking that I’d broken something accidentally I reverted back to the version in subversion and tried again. Looking in Solution Explorer it was clear why these errors were being generated – there was no .file to go alongside the LINQ to SQL model file.

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