Are twitch and kherington dating

This should be right in Chelsie's wheelhouse being a latin dancer and all.Mark should be okay since he's done well in character partnering pieces all season long. Whenever I think of someone trying to ass "hip" to a latin dance I always think that they're going to add "We Will Rock You" to the mix.

There's a cunniliftus to the side and the big drop to the floor, which was the dangerous trick they were referring to, takes place after the music stops. Another solid perfomance from these two and they're still my favorite couple.

He thought it was danced okay , but didn't relate to each other and banishes them to the Bottom 3.

Mary harps on the lack of chemistry and compares them to Napoleon and Tabitha who are connected even when they are apart. She says she's jumped off the Comfort bandwagon because she's not bringing it. Ugh it's Tyce Diorio with a piece laced with the essence of the "Garden of Eden" .

The salsa worked for Mary, and actually gets technical with the ballroom, SHe thought Chelsie was beautiful dynamite. Are all the dances going to be about clingy brides who can't be apart from their husband's ? During rehearsal COmfort is happy and Thayne can't stop smiling. The song is "Can We Chill" by Ne-Yo and it's going to be hip-hop lite AGAIN!

Mia creeps out and says Chelsie is so gorgeous that she just wants to stab her. Can you really be a true hip-hop choreographer and take that gig? Then there's a lot of shot of the "put your hand over your mouth and reveal a different expression than the the one you had before" move, which I hate. There really isn't a narrative, which means the only redeeming quality of Nappytabs choreo is missing.

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