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At e Harmony our mission is to create more everlasting love in the world, and as part of this one of our key priorities is keeping our members safe on their journey e Harmony works hard to deliver you the best matches possible however as with anyone you meet whether that is online or offline it is important to use your judgment and instincts to protect yourself from someone you are just getting to know.

To help we’ve pulled together all of our safety dating advice from the past years into one place, just for you.

Don’t drink too much Dutch courage may be an appealing option when you’re panicking about a date, but try not to drink too much.

Alternate glasses of wine with glasses of water, or opt to drive as that’s an immediate way to take alcohol out of the picture completely.

Never send someone money These all sound so obvious when you’re reading them, however we all make mistakes and we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment.

Give them basic information about the person you’re meeting, check in once you’ve met your date and when you plan to leave.

At the end of the evening, go home to your own bed, alone.

Get to know someone a bit better before you invite him or her to your place, or spend the night at their house.

Remember: alcohol not only eclipses nerves, but also lowers inhibitions. Remember you’re in control – never be afraid to leave If you feel uncomfortable, leave.

Regardless of whether it’s in the first five minutes of the date, or after five hours.

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