Advice for women dating behavior

The message she sends is, "You better do what I want, or you'll be sorry! And generally, any form of emotional stirred disapproval directed AT YOU. They think they have displeased a woman and now have make things right. She uses flattery and attention to make you feel masculine or ATTRACTIVE... Face the Reality and Set Yourself Free To become successful in dealing with women, you must FACE the reality that women WILL attempt to manipulate you.

"You see, the scrotum — where sperm live — is positioned outside the body and needs to be kept cool so the little guys don't suffocate." Another explanation: "Women are taught to keep their legs together as a way of not inviting sex," says Helen Fisher, Ph D, author of The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World (Ballantine, 2000).Okay, okay, but what about his other weird habits..deciding he wants to grow a beard all of a sudden? So resisting the razor may be a last-ditch effort to try to reconnect with their inner rebel."Also, facial hair is one of the few fashion statements men can get away with without being mocked," says Baber. assume every guy who's not one of his oldest friends is a loser?Don't miss as we decipher the last few baffling-behaviors... Ah, the mysterious disappearance of the make-out session.This perplexing passion phenomenon boils down to goal orientation: Guys have tunnel vision when it comes to achieving an orgasm.

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