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The ATA interface itself evolved in several stages from Western Digital's original Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) interface.As a result, many near-synonyms for ATA/ATAPI and its previous incarnations are still in common informal use, in particular Extended IDE (EIDE) and Ultra ATA (UATA).

After later versions of the standard were developed, this became known as "ATA-1".

Since the original ATA interface is essentially just a 16-bit ISA bus in disguise, the bridge was especially simple in case of an ATA connector being located on an ISA interface card.

The integrated controller presented the drive to the host computer as an array of 512-byte blocks with a relatively simple command interface.

SCSI was available as a CD-ROM expansion option at the time, but devices with SCSI were more expensive than ATA devices due to the need for a smart interface that is capable of bus arbitration.

SCSI typically added to the cost of a storage device, in addition to the cost of a SCSI host adapter.

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The first version of what is now called the ATA/ATAPI interface was developed by Western Digital under the name Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).

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